Experience managing successful delivery within a complex multi-organisation landscape

Sam Hardy | Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Problem: HMRC required a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the complex Border-Systems-Programme in a multi-organisation landscape:
Our team:
-Agreed goal/problem-definition with diverse stakeholders; through questionnaire/workshop.
-Assessed user-journeys; collaborating with Digital/Risk/Cloud/Data/Finance/Security/Architecture teams.
-Identified client constraints; conducting cross-team-workshops to identify gaps & cost savings across 8 projects.
-Agreed cross-team risk-prioritised Alpha-backlog for testing ideas with success-measures; ensuring cost-effective, viable-service.
-Focused on cross-team end-to-end journeys with continuous assessment and improvement (continuous-integration/automated-testing framework/continuous-delivery) through prototype-demonstrations.
-Openly shared findings across all delivery teams through JIRA/Confluence.
-Agreed Beta-scope, success-criteria, common platforms for reuse, budgets and team for Beta.
Outcome: Successfully delivered Discovery/Alpha to GDS-standards.

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