Previous experience working with APIs and microservice-driven applications

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

HMRC needed an Integration Platform to route messages through a complex IT-estate, including in-house developed, COTS and legacy systems.

Our team leveraged extensive API design experience:

-Analysing requirements and documenting ‘As-Is’ system designs; identifying need for ‘To-Be’ Microservices including: declarations, tariffs look up, immediate and deferred payments.

-Designed new Microservices that take advantage of high availability and scalability; developing Acceptance Criteria.

-Implemented new Microservices, exposed through APIs, deployed in on premise, AWS and Azure cloud.

-Created unit and integration tests to test the APIs and performance testing using JMeter.

This resulted in successful design/implementation of Microservices, exposed through APIs.


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