Experienced Senior Data Engineer with excellent track record of designing/creating/iterating/testing data models, working with production data , delivering resilient, data-driven services into live environment

Sam Hardy | Friday, August 26th, 2016

Our team has extensive experience of taking data Driven (SQL/NoSQL) projects from inception to live service; including Deployment Data Manager at HMRC:
-Discovery:  Identified User Journeys/Personas; managing deployment data across development group (12 Scrum Teams/Architecture/DevOps/Service Management); identifying requirements for Graph database based on client requirements/user needs.
-Alpha: Performed RDF/Property Data Store comparison; recommending Neo4J. Designed/Implemented data model/POC for Graph Database.
-Beta: Iteratively developed/tested resilient/highly available/secure (AWS-hosted) Neo4J data centric service, with associated web services for data input/manipulation/display, to capture deployment information and map source code/deployable artefacts/servers/environments to features/journeys/pillars. Integrations with PostgreSQL/Jenkins/JIRA/Confluence completed based on ongoing User Research/continuous feedback.
-Deployment Data Manager Service manages deployment data for 100+Services, for 10+projects, on 100+servers; providing real time deployment data across Enterprise IT estate.
-Conducted training/mentoring/support for Service Management team; supporting Live Services.
-Presented solution to senior management with a view to rolling out across the IT estate.

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