Have considerable experience in testing systems

Sam Hardy | Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

HEE/NHS had poor data synchronisation between TIS/ESR.

Our team leveraged extensive bi-directional integrations testing experience:

-Collaborated with internal/external-teams (TIS/ESR); agreeing BDD/TDD approach using 3-pillars-of-truth: specification/schema/mock.

-Collaborated on Testing Plans/Specifications, developed acceptance criteria on JIRA/Confluence.

-Conducted POC using JBehave/Cucumber for systems testing

-Provided governance/best-practices/coding standards using SonarQube.

-Iteratively developed code; leveraging JUnit for unit-testing.

-Conducted product demonstrations; utilising feedback to iterate development.

-Identified key tests for automated regression testing (component/system/end-to-end).

-Trained/mentored developers on TDD/automated-testing/integration-testing.

This resulted in improved quality of the TIS/ESR interface; shown by a reduction in. Annual interventions.


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