Experience of digital projects handling complex, sensitive data at scale

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Problem: HMRC required a Customs-Declaration-Service to handle 250 million+ complex/sensitive transactions/annum:
Our team:
-Collaborated on establishing user-journeys/personas during workshops/interviews; identifying key areas of sensitive-data.
-Explored wider context for integrations with external-organisations requiring sensitive-data: DEFRA/Home-Office/Border-Force.
-Iteratively designed/developed external-integrations with OGDs requiring sensitive-data.
-Designed/developed secure data-at-rest/in-transit prototypes; iteratively tested/refactored based on ongoing user-feedback.
-Designed/developed prototypes demonstrating secure data transfer - JSON/SOAP/multiple File formats - in AWS-Cloud environment; incorporating encryption/decryption.
-Designed/developed secure secrets-management prototype utilising Hashicorp-Vault; sharing designs/reference implementation with other teams (Cap-Gemini/Accenture/Equal-Experts/In-house).
-Designed/developed iterative prototype for non-repudiation service; ensuring full system auditability.
Outcome: GDS/GDPR-compliant service, handling complex/sensitive Customs data-at-scale.

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