Experience, knowledge and understanding of creating resilient and secure systems using IAM in a cloud

Sam Hardy | Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Our team created resilient/secure Cloud based systems for multiple clients:
-Oxford School of Drama: Set-up/managed AWS instances/security groups/Lambdas/Cloudwatch events and IAM roles for Drama School Records Applications and Transformation Service.
-Office for National Statistics: specified Cloud based secure Virtual Micro Data Laboratory for researcher access to restricted data.
-HMRC: collaborated with architects to design/implement role based security model in CI/CD process.
-HMRC: Identified XML/XSLT/XQuery specific SonarQube rules; verifying source code quality and identifying learning opportunities.
-HMRC: Contributed to encryption in transit design/implementation for Transformation Service using Service Mesh.
-HMRC: Collaborated with architects/developers to implement AWS Identity/Access Management to facilitate appropriate access for SC cleared/non SC cleared resources; protecting confidential data.
-Designed/implemented fine grained (row/column) access control for securing data based on user credentials.

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