Excellent knowledge of architectural approaches that are relevant to this work

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Our team has extensive experience of architecting new data centric systems; including the Oxford School of Drama(OSD):
-SOA type architecture - decoupling data input/output from data storage; avoiding vendor lock in, reducing cost.
-Service interfaces with external web based services (payment, transactional email, authentication, bulk email subscription, SMS); reducing development costs/risk.
-Extensive use of Micro Services - promoting reuse, increasing reliability, reducing complexity, reducing development time, improving consistency; reducing maintenance/support costs.
-DevOps approach - iteratively developing parallel streams with regular integration (two week cycle) reducing wait time for enhancements/fixes. Blue/Green deployment architecture; eliminating downtime on upgrade.
-AWS Cloud based architecture – providing resilience/high availability/security/scalability and cost effective resource management as not all microservices need to run 24/365.
-Architected multi model database system incorporating relational data (SQL) for transactional services and NoSQL graph data (Neo4j) for BI Services.

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