Excellent experience of implementing data models for use in live systems environments

Sam Hardy | Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Our team has extensive experience of designing and implementing data models into live Systems at DWP/HMRC/Carnival Cruises; including recently at Oxford School of Drama:
-Designed/Iteratively implemented multi model database system incorporating structured data (SQL) and relationships (NoSQL Graph) for Drama School Records Applications and an associated Transformation Service:
-Designed/implemented Canonical, Logical and Physical models.
-‘As-is’ data models mapped, ‘To-be’ data model designed and migration plan designed/implemented.
-Set up/managed AWS instances/security groups/Lambdas/Cloudwatch events and IAM roles.
-Designed/developed ETL process to migrate structured data to SQL database.
-Parsed Json/XML schemas; loading schema representations into graph-database (Neo4j) to compare content/structure.
-Parsed/transformed Json/XML schemas into data dictionary elements; promoting conformance/re-use within the organisation.
-Designed/developed web services, with associated User Interface, for users to interact with Drama School Records.
-Created Service Management/support; continuing to support live service.

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