Ability to manage all aspects of the release cycle, including migration of existing data

Sam Hardy | Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Our team designed/implemented multiple development/release life cycles over 20+ years; including HMRC’s Knowledge Hub:

-Analysis conducted discovery creating user journeys/personas; including migrating existing data.

-Design identified database/user interface requirements; iteratively designed based on regular user feedback. 

-TDD/Development defined automated testing framework using SOAPUI/Jmeter/Groovy/Xspec/SonarQube to test core product/interfaces. Developed code to Extract/Transform/Load; leveraging JUnit/Mockito for unit testing.

-CI/CD Designed/implemented Jenkins pipelines; advancing code/artefacts through build/deploy/test process; leveraging GIR/Artifactory/Ansible/YAML.

-Blue/Green Deployment reducing risk during upgrades, automated regression testing/path for failures. Parallel hot fix  path for emergency fixes.

-Backups scheduled, data backed up nightly; replicated and stored in AWS S3 bucket.

-The database now holds content (knowledge) dozens of node types and tens of thousands of nodes and relationships; linking a large number of different domains into a single source of truth.


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