Working as a team with our organisation as well as suppliers

Sam Hardy | Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Our team mentored the in-house team through ‘Red Team’ efficiency/cost reduction programme with Fujitsu and Cap-Gemini at HMRC:
-Established transparent cost model for infrastructure and service development; establishing roadmaps for efficiency savings.
-Led Fujitsu through infrastructure Cloud-migration; reducing hosting/maintenance costs by 90%.
-Led Cap-Gemini through re-architecture (monolithic deployment to SOA); increasing deployments from fortnightly to daily whilst doubling development efficiency.
Subsequently managed Accenture, Equal-Experts, RedHat, IBM, and others, through component system integration of multiple Brexit-critical Programmes; including £250M Customs Declaration Programme.
Outcome: Head of Systems Integration Group position elevated to Deputy Director level; six other promotions achieved.

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