Worked on a project with multiple (client) partners

Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Our consultants were instrumental in HMRC’s discovery & Alpha on the Brexit-Critical Border-Systems-Programme. We worked closely with 8 separate business-partner teams to identify overlapping functional areas; consolidating 8 separate Backlogs & reducing Features by 23%. This led to a consolidated infrastructure requirement; reducing licensing by 30%, Development by 20% & support/maintenance by 12%.

We worked with the business user teams to agree a canonical-data-model; facilitating re-use across projects. We collaborated with business-teams/programme-management to agree a consolidated roadmap & track/report progress against it.

We established working practises with Other Government Departments; setting up secure integrations between establishments.

We adopted an infrastructure/platform/services stack to allow parallel development and agreed a consolidated roadmap with business-users then managed dependencies, tracking & reporting and facilitate individual client branding.

Our automated CI/CD & testing & Blue/Green deployments protected individual clients from other client changes. The HotFix pipeline allowed fast track live fixes.

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