Understanding of agile and approaches and supporting context, such as behaviours, governance, process and culture

Sam Hardy | Friday, February 26th, 2016

Problem: After a significant re-organisation; HMRC required a more flexible Systems Integration team.
Our team designed/implemented a business-value-centric Agile Engagement Model:
-Instilled Product-centric Supplier Management process, with appropriate governance; doubling efficiency.
-Established existing Tech Stack/Future Roadmap Product Management approach; governing a business-value prioritisation culture.
-Instilled collaborative culture, working seamlessly with third-party suppliers. Highly successful demonstration of multi-vendor collaboration to Chief-Digital-Information-Officer led to 25% increase in permanent Director’s team size during reorganisation.
Brought third-party supplier in-house under TUPE; adopting Kaizen (self-improvement) improving value for money by 50%.
Outcome: Built 200+ agile team recognised as ‘model-team’ by Chief-Digital-Information-Officer.

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