Understanding and experience of agile governance for service design in line with the GDS principles

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Problem: HMRC required agile governance aligned to GDS principles.
Our team:
-Developed Lean-optimised JIRA workflows for Agile phased-delivery: Idea, Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live-phases.
-Adopted a User-Centric WCAG-compliant approach; ensuring progress through each gate governed appropriately.
-Designed/Implemented platform to provide multiple re-use opportunities; ensuring mandatory reuse of platform unless exception granted through governance-process.
-Adopted iterative-approach ensuring user-needs fed into development process and signed-off by Product Management.
-Challenged status-quo to optimise processes for digitisation in context of wider-plan.
-Semi-automated GDS-Assessment documentations on Confluence.
Outcome: GDS assessed services delivered to Production Platform.

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