Designed and delivered MicroService based products; including system integration, where there are teams from multiple suppliers, managing multiple cross stream dependencies

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Our consultants work with HMRC; designing/delivering Open-Source MicroService back-end/Middleware-Services and leading the integration of COTS/Legacy/Bespoke-components supplied by: HMRC-in-house, IBM, Euro-Dynamics, Accenture, CapGemini & Equal-Experts across 13-parallel streams in three cross-dependent programmes/projects.

We delivered back-end Headless-services to other suppliers; including:

  • MicroServices configuration storage – Hashicorp-Consul.
  • Digital-Certificates storage – Hashicorp-Vault.
  • Access control/security/log-management – API-Gateway/Service-Mesh(Docker/Kubernetes)/LDAP/Kafka/ELK.
  • Consolidated Notification Service – MicroServices/WSO2; channels including: Email/SMS/Push/Slack.
  • File Transportation – S3/FTPS/SFTP/SMB/MicroServices(file-upload/download/anti-virus).
  • Integration to Barclays-payment-service (experience of CyberPac/Stripe/Braintree).
  • Integrations with IBM’s Customs-workflow-engine (experience with Camunda/Documentum/JIRA).
  • Data-Management services connecting UI to multiple back-end systems (DataBases/Workflow-Engine/Risking-Tool/Payment-Systems).

We used Docker/Kubernetes best-practices/Twelve-Factor-App and container-design-patterns to implement MicroServices, resulting in horizontally-scalable, stateless, MicroServices with clean separation of concerns between development, logging, monitoring & security.

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