Successfully performed Testing & Quality Assurance in delivering or developing a Digital Service

Sam Hardy | Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Our team delivered an automated testing/QA framework at HMRC for the MASP Digital Service:
-Agreed testing specifications for each features based on definition of done and acceptance criteria.
-Applied a BDD/TDD approach to component and end-to-end development/testing.
-Leveraged Maven to enforce templates for agreed design patterns.
-Utilised SonarQube to ensure adherence to agreed coding standards.
-Used SOAP UI/Groovy Script to mock interface points and facilitate component based testing of front-end, middleware and back-end allowing parallel development to de-risk delivery schedule.
-Created front-end testing using Selenium Web-Driver; writing Gherkin tests in Cucumber.
-Conducted non-functional testing (Performance/Load) using J-Meter.
-Automation configured using Jenkins pipelines.

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