Successfully developed WordPress Content Management Systems

Sam Hardy | Monday, November 25th, 2019

Our team successfully developed an Automated Recruitment Dashboard for IT Recruitment Marketplace leveraging WordPress-CMS:

-Implemented custom roles for candidates/administrators/authors/approvers/publishers.
-Implemented individual branding for organisations/departments/teams.
-Created custom post types for companies/departments/teams/candidate profiles/roles.
-Designed/developed custom templates for display; including: carousels and conditional filtered lists for displaying candidates/roles.
-Implemented custom workflows for content creation, management and display; including job postings/applications.
-Developed custom import/export from DB/Excel for management information.
-Designed/developed custom theme and page templates for display; including: carousels and conditional filtering for displaying roles/candidates.
-Reduced cost through development of reusable components; including configured plug-ins.
-Utilised functions for custom functionality.

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