Strong client upskilling and knowledge transfer capability

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Our team collaborated with the HMRC-client; growing an agile team of 200+ over 3 years:
-3 people coached as Scrum-Masters then mentored to achieve 2 Product/Delivery-Managers and 1 Agile-Coach; managing 12 Development Scrum-Teams.
-Coached/mentored 3 people to achieve Product-Manager (Service-Management/DevOps/Architecture); utilising Kanban.
-Coached/mentored team of 4 Business-Operations personal; leveraging Lean-techniques to optimise Business-Processes then automating through JIRA-workflows.
-Coached/mentored 3 Programme-teams (£250M+) in Agile-Planning; reducing backlog by 30% through backlog consolidation.
-Instilled a culture of self-improvement (Kaizen) to generate multiple improvement opportunities.
-Implemented automated ‘Knowledge-Hub’ in Neo4J-graph-database; holding artifacts including: features/journeys/environments/systems/specifications/services/end-points/schema/releases/programmes/projects-details; facilitating maintenance and service management.

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