Social Media – LinkedIn – Use of @

What does the @ symbol do?
The @ symbol is used to mention a person or company with a link to their page. e.g @PSIT @SamHardy
The @ symbol is used instead of a hashtag if a page for the company or person exists. Using this tool links to their page and will also notify the person or company if someone has mentioned them using the @ symbol in a post or comment.

How do we use the @ symbol?
We use the @ symbol to mention or reference an individual or a company. The @mention functionality is used rather than a hashtag. We can use the @ symbol to create links to pages or also to tag people in things they may be interested in. For example, if we post something advertising a BA role, we could use the @ symbol to mention someone in our network who may be interested. The person will be notified they have been tagged in a comment and can view the post. Alternatively, we could use the @ symbol in groups in order to reach out to more than just one person at once. The @ symbol in this case could be useful for job recruiting, if we posted in a BA group we have an open opportunity for a BA, we could use the @ symbol to link the PSIT page with the full job description. This could also help to gain followers too.

Why is it useful?
The @ symbol is useful as it creates a direct link to the specific page and can help our followers/connections find our page(s) more easily without having to search in the search bar and sort through lists of other pages with the same name.