Social Media – LinkedIn – Shares

What are shares?
A share is a tool used when a follower reposts LinkedIn content such as a post or an article. Shares give you the opportunity to add value by giving a comment on the post.

Why are shares useful?
Shares are useful because you give the original person credit and you have the opportunity to add something e.g a comment, this interaction is good for engaging in discussions with followers and groups. Shares are useful for networking too, when you share someone else’s post you are not only saying you liked what you saw and giving the person who posted it credit, but you are “paying it forward” to the rest of your network. This can help us to get more followers and expand.

How do we get more shares?
We can get more shares on LinkedIn by posting regularly and individually sharing content to our own profiles so our networks see our posts too. By doing this, our network of followers and connections are more likely to share the posts too and therefore gain more shares for our page.

What is the difference between a share and a like?
A like is another tool on LinkedIn. Likes are a lesser effective interaction compared to a share, as while your activity feed is updated and others may see that someone liked a post or article but it really isn’t joining the conversation. Shares are more interactive as they encourage comments and discussion and are therefore more useful to us. Shares are also displayed to our network of followers and connections.