Social Media – LinkedIn – Search

What is LinkedIn Search?
LinkedIn Search is a very useful tool. It can be used to search for many different things such as people, jobs, groups, companies, hashtags etc.

How can we use LinkedIn Search?
We can use LinkedIn Search to look for: which groups to join, which hashtags to follow, which jobs are available, which people we can recruit for a new opportunity etc. (See example below)

-How do we search for candidates?
We can search for candidates using the following method, for example:
1. In the title field, enter “Business Analyst.” If you’re looking for someone who currently holds that position or held that position in the past, you can change the dropdown to choose ‘Current’ or ‘Past.’
2. Change the industries from ‘All’ industries to just ‘IT’ or ‘Computer Software’
3. Leave all the other options at their default settings.

-Which candidates should we look for?
We should look for candidates who could be potential contractors for opportunities on the DOS website. For example, if there is an opportunity for a Delivery Manager, we could use the above method but just changing the title to suit the opportunity. We can also determine if candidates are suitable by location, as this is another filter on the search.

-How do we find potential suitable candidates?
We can suitable candidates by using the above method, we can also narrow the search down more by using tools such as key words or qualifications. E.g. PSPO1 or 5+ years experience
We can also search if candidates are open to seeking work, which could be displayed in the profile headline.

-How do we contact potential candidates?
We can contact potential candidates by requesting to connect with them and by sending them an InMail to introduce ourselves.
We could also find groups they are members of, and join that group, so we can reach out to them by sending them a message or if they are part of the LinkedIn OpenLink Network, we can send them a regular message without having to use an InMail.