Social Media – LinkedIn – Posts

What is a post?
A post is a method of writing on LinkedIn. Posts are better suited for shorter pieces of writing as they have a limited number of words, and also don’t benefit from the tools which you can use when writing a longer article.

Why is a post different to an article?
Posts on LinkedIn are basic status updates — posting a link, for example. Articles are longer posts that you write in the LinkedIn publishing system, they are not limited by words and have tools such as inserting media and headlines. Posts are also replaced more frequently than articles.

How do we use posts?
We can use posts to write about industry related topics, job vacancies, workshops, contracts etc.
We can also use posts to create discussions in groups too, this interaction can be useful for sparking new followers/connections and growth for the PSIT page.

Why are posts important?
Posts are important because we can use them for a variety of different things. We can use posts to update our followers about case studies or with a link to a helpful video for example. Posts are also useful for recruitment purposes. We can create posts about job opportunities from IT Recruitment Marketplace and the DOS website and advertise for candidates, this will be useful for recruiting alongside using the LinkedIn search.
Posts are also important for popularity and interaction of the PSIT page. If we make our posts interesting and interactive, they are more likely to be liked and shared which can grow our network of followers/connections.

How regularly should we upload posts?
We should upload posts at least twice a week, posts can be from anything from contract wins to case studies, these help engage with our followers and networks and can be shared and liked to expand our followers/connections further.