Social Media – LinkedIn – Likes

What is a like?
A like is a LinkedIn tool that is used to show a basic interaction with a post or an article. A follower can like something such as a post, and this will then be displayed to their network and followers.

Why are they useful?
Likes are useful because it means our page will show up on someone’s feed if a post or an article is liked. Likes are also a useful tool as they are an indicator of whether our followers and network are engaging with our content.

How do we get more likes?
We can get likes by individually liking PSIT posts and by sharing and commenting too. This will spread PSIT content such as posts and articles to our own personal networks. By displaying our content here, there is a chance our own connections and followers may interact and use tools such as likes and shares.

What is the difference between a like and a share?
Likes and shares both show up on our feed, however shares are better for interaction and feedback as they encourage interaction with our followers and our networks.