Social Media – LinkedIn – Hashtags

– What are hashtags?
Hashtags are LinkedIn tools that categorise content, they help users find specific topics even if they are not connected.

– How do we use them?
Hashtags are used on posts/articles using the ‘#’ symbol. Adding hashtags to LinkedIn updates and articles gives them a higher chance of being discovered by LinkedIn members who follow or search for the hashtag you’ve used. We should use hashtags at the end of posts and aim to include a mix of both relevant and popular hashtags to make our posts more visible. (See list)

– Why are hashtags important?
Using hashtags on LinkedIn will make our content become more discoverable and help us connect with members that may be interested in our company.

– How do we follow hashtags?
We can follow (or pin) hashtags by searching for them in the search bar under hashtags. We can then join conversations so they will appear in our news feed and we can keep up to date.

– Which hashtags to follow?
We should follow the following hashtags as they are followed by many LinkedIn users and can therefore increase our popularity if we follow them, and also use them in our posts.

#agile (approx. 30K followers)
#cloud (approx. 50K followers)
#digitaltransformation (approx. 85K followers)
#integration (approx. 3K followers)
#itrecruitment (approx. 1K followers)
#management (approx. 35M followers)
#networking (approx. 4M followers)
#smallbusiness (approx. 750K followers)