Social Media – LinkedIn – Groups

What are groups?
Groups are a community of people on LinkedIn interested in the same field, groups encourage interaction and conversation with other people with mutual jobs, connections or interests etc. e.g. Business Analysts, University of Kent, West Ham United Football Club.

How do we use groups?
Groups allow us to follow and discuss content of specific topic and can also be useful for searching for candidates. We can use groups by requesting to join groups which could benefit PSIT. We can join groups of similar work or interests and post/participate in discussions and interact with those who are similar to us. We can also search groups for candidates for job opportunities.

How do we follow groups
We can follow groups by searching for potential groups to join in search bar. Groups can also be recommended in the discover page based on content you follow or interact with. We then request to join those groups via invitation on their page and wait to be accepted.
As individuals and on the PSIT page we can join a maximum of 100 groups and have 20 pending groups at a time.

Which groups should we follow?
There are currently groups in the following areas which PSIT could join:
-Agile (approx. 65K members)
-Business Analyst (approx. 160K members)
-Data Architect (approx. <1K members)
-Delivery Manager (approx. 5K members)
-Product/Project Manager (approx. 40K members)
-Technical architect (approx. <1K members)
-User researcher (approx. 4K members)

What should we post in groups?
We should interact with group members by posting comments and discussions. This can encourage people to visit our page. We could also post job opportunities in groups and search for suitable candidates.

Should we follow groups as individual consultants or as a company? or both?
We should join all of these groups as a company, and individually if the person specialises in the specific area
Terry – Agile Delivery/Business Analysis/User Research/Service Design
Phil – Business Analysis/User Research/Developer/Data Architect
Pete – Agile Delivery
Emmerson – Architecture/Business Analysis/Developer