Social Media – LinkedIn – Articles

-What is an article?
An article is a method of writing on LinkedIn, articles are better suited for longer pieces of writing rather than regular posts. Articles allow us to use tools such as: posting an image, including a headline, including a separate section for the body, as well as media (an image, video, slides, links or snippets) at the start of each new paragraph.
Articles are easier to find by followers/connections who read your profile as they are permanent and usually appear near the top of a page unless you choose to delete them.

-Why is an article different to a post?
A post is the default mode of entering commentary on LinkedIn. Posts are better suited for shorter pieces of writing, they are often shown quickly and are then replaced by more recent posts. Articles are better suited for longer pieces of writing, and are often permanently near the top of a page.

-How do we use articles?
We can use articles to post about industry related topics, e.g. IR35. Articles can be used to create discussions in groups too, and spark new followers and growth for the page. We can also use articles to utilise tools such as media and headlines etc.

-Why are articles important?
Articles are important as they allow us to write more about a specific topic rather than a limited post. Articles are also shown first, and are easier to find on our profile, so they are important as they give a first impression to new followers/connections. If we have good, interesting and interactive articles, they are more likely to be liked and shared which can grow our network of followers and the popularity and interaction with our page.

-How regularly should we post articles?
We should post articles at least once a week, they are longer and more in depth than posts so need more time and effort put into creating them. They are usually written only on a specific topic too so they cannot be written as often as posts advertising jobs or recounting case studies etc.