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Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Our consultants established a new Integration-development centre at HMRC with a remit for providing reusable services for other project development teams.

We established a library of integration patterns with reference implementations; ensuring appropriate documentation was in place for the wider community; including HMRC in-house teams & other suppliers.

The team created a Test-Framework for functional/non-functional testing of integration components and then extended this service for an external Test & Release function to provide end-to-end tests for Brexit-critical Digital-Services.

Our team led the way on Clustering on AWS, sharing the designs and implementations with third-party providers.

We created a File Transport Service; facilitating the movement of files between legacy/COTS/bespoke-systems provided by HMRC’s partner organisations.

We designed/implemented a trace-events/monitoring solution; sharing it with third-party providers of COTS/Legacy/Bespoke systems; ensuring HMRC could achieve the 4-hour SLA for finding/resolving/deploying defect fixes.

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