Services – Schema Analyser

Managing schema information and ensuring standardisation across an organisation is a complex activity.

If you are looking to manage all of your schemas across multiple environments then utilise our Schema Load & Analysis Service.

The service:

  • Compares, analyses and documents XML and JSON Schemas.
  • It acts as a conformance aid to standard and user defined schema patterns.
  • Builds a Corporate Standards Dictionary.
  • Supports schema versioning.


  • Compares and reports on schema differences and similarities.
  • Creates a Corporate Data Dictionary.
  • User configurable standards enforcement.
  • Element and attribute reordering.
  • Automated schema documentation in PDF format.
  • Schema health check.
  • Compares schema elements to dictionary elements.
  • Supports multiple versions of a schema.
  • Maps XML schemas to JSON schemas and vice versa.
  • Canonical Data Model.

Benefits of the Schema Analyser Service include::

  • Improves impact analysis.
  • Standardises schemas.
  • Centralises schema repository.
  • Standardises documentation.
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