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Managing deployment data in a MicroService Architecture, with multiple interfaces and multiple environments, is time consuming and expensive; often resulting in inaccurate data and causing rework and wastage.

If you are looking to manage your deployment data in an efficient and automated way then utilise our Deployment Data Manager Service.


  • Provides simple automated tracking of deployments in MicroService architecture.
  • Easy to use RESTful APIs.
  • Provides full, accurate current state deployment information and history.
  • Scaleable solution for frequent deployments of many services across multiple environments.
  • Visualisation tools.
  • Integration into Deployment process.
  • Reference implementation with Jenkins.

Benefits of the Deployment Data Manager Service include:

  • Provides capability to completely automate deployment data management.
  • Automation ensures consistent and accurate deployment data.
  • Saves time when identifying issues with deployments as data freely available.
  • Historical deployment information useful for analysis.
  • Links deployment information to feature/story number (integration with JIRA).
  • API for reading data can be used to display deployment data (integration with Confluence).
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