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The Configurable Evaluation Dashboard service is designed to:

  • Boost your turnover without increasing your staff.
  • Increase your profits through efficiency.
  • Improve staff morale by reducing their administrative burden.
  • Surpass your client’s/supplier’s expectations by increasing transparency.
  • Improve decision making; enforcing objectivity.

Our future pricing model is based around charging for each day saved in administration. The 2019 price will allow clients to buy one day of their, or their staff’s, time for just £20!


Example user case: Recruitment Dashboard:

  • Standard version:
    • Manage candidates.
    • Score CVs, Remote Interviews & Face-to-Face Interviews.
    • Order candidates according to weighted scores.
    • Automated candidate feedback.
    • Client/management visibility.
  • Add-ons:
    • Automated upload of candidate details.
    • Automated candidate screening.
    • Untimed Questions & Answers.
    • Timed Questions & Answers.
    • Online interviews.
    • Interview management.
    • Recorded remote interviews.
    • Anonymising candidates for compliance.

Proposed use cases include:

  1. Candidate Selection.
  2. Pipeline Evaluation.
  3. Software Selection.
  4. Application Selection.
  5. Service Evaluation.
  6. Procurement.
  7. Tender Evaluation.
  8. Event Organiser.
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