Recruitment Dashboard Discovery – Stakeholder Analysis

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We carried out a series of structured interviews with key stakeholders at IT Recruitment Marketplace to establish and understand their views and needs, and to make sure they were clear in our research.

We completed a series of interviews with stakeholders who were all employees of IT Recruitment Marketplace. The interviews took place from (START DATE) to (END DATE)

Below is the full list of interview participants, along with the detailed notes from each of the interviews.

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Interview notes:





Stakeholders from IT Recruitment Marketplace talked about the advantages and disadvantages of current methods in the recruitment industry and the problems that come with these. There was a general consensus to look for new methods that would be faster, easier and cheaper.

Key Findings

The key findings from the stakeholder analysis are categorised below:

Purpose and Demand

Are stakeholders clear why this service exists?

The current services are used to help companies recruit candidates for jobs or new contracts. Key stakeholders and end users at IT Recruitment Marketplace have expressed some of the problems with the current services being used and conducted a Discovery to look for improvements or new solutions to the issues with the current recruitment processes.

Issues with the Current Process

Do stakeholders mention issues with the current processes?

A series of interviews with key stakeholders at IT Recruitment Marketplace identified the following issues with the current processes:
  • Cost - The current processes are expensive to use, and staff need to be paid for their time recruiting candidates
  • Time - The current processes are time-consuming, this means staff need to be paid more for more time, whereas this could be used more efficiently elsewhere.
  • Administration - Staff morale can be stunted by the large amounts of administration involved with the current processes, and time could be used better doing something else
  • Lack of transparency - The current processes lack transparency and there is little communication until the final stages of the process, ideally, stakeholders would prefer for the process to be visible, and to be shared throughout

Opportunities for Improvement

Have stakeholders identified improvement opportunities?

Stakeholders suggested some improvement opportunities to be added or incorporated into the current processes.

They identified they wanted the process:

  • To be visible to both client and management throughout the process
  • To have less administration and have more automation
  • To be able to manage candidates
  • To be able to score candidate CVs and interviews
  • To be able to order candidates based on their weighted scores
  • To anonymise candidates details for compliance reasons
  • To be as efficient and as cost-effective as possible

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