PSIT Commences Discovery on a Consultancy Pitch, Sales & Customer Engagement Service

Terry Beavis | Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

PSIT have commenced Discovery on a pitch, sales and customer engagement service for a consulting organisation.

PSIT will be conducting user research for in-house staff, affiliate companies and clients of the proposed service. We will be looking at what constitutes a Minimum Viable Product from multiple views:

  • In-house staff – what information needs to be captured, manipulated & displayed to achieve customer¬†satisfaction.
  • Affiliates – how does an affiliate engage with the consulting organisation?¬†What are their incentives for engaging with the consulting organisation?
  • Client – why does the client need the service? How is it made easy for the client to use the service? How does the client get value for money out of using the service?



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