PSIT Completes Alpha for IR35 Compliance

Terry Beavis | Friday, February 8th, 2019

Perfectly Simple IT Solutions has completed Discovery and Alpha for the consultancy IR35 Compliance; and have now started the Beta-phase.

We conducted quantitative & qualitative user-research as part of the Discovery & Alpha for this start-up Consultancy's first Digital Service.

We established high-level-requirements & user-personas with online-questioning. We drilled-down into the detail of various ‘as-is’ models across multiple affiliates & partners in Directed Interviews; identifying a need for a consistent-approach. We leveraged Non-Directed Interviews to establish why existing processes were not being used.

During workshops we utilised Card-Sorts to establish ‘to-be’ business process flows. We applied Lean Techniques to optimise the flow. We validated the proposed architecture using Tree Tests; in collaboration with multiple client teams. We iterated the Card Sort, Lean Technique & Tree Test process throughout the Alpha; optimising the business process; gaining user buy-in by being collaborative & inclusive.

We conducted Moderated Usability Tests at the end of the Alpha/early Beta; finding & eliminating usability issues.

We extended the Portfolio Management tool to integrate with existing Design & Development Management tools & processes.

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