Provide close knit, technically led JAVA development teams. It is essential you can demonstrate they have experience of successful efficient delivery as pre-existing teams

Terry Beavis | Monday, November 5th, 2018

Our consultants led the formation of 12 Development-Scrum-Teams (comprising Business Analysis, Automated Testing, Delivery Management & Integration/Java Development) to HMRC’s Messaging-Delivery-Group; delivering reusable back-end headless-services based on Java MicroServices and utilising Enterprise Integration Patterns including: Request/Reply, Correlation-ID, Dead-Letter-Channel, Message-Bus, Event-Message, Point-to-Point-Channel, Publish/Subscribe-Channel, Guaranteed-Messaging, Content-Based-Router, Broadcast/Aggregate, Canonical-Data-Model & Wire-Tap.

Our consultants have been working together for up to 3-years and have consistently outperformed a rival supplier using our four-stage factory-model: analysis, design & write test-cases, develop and integrate. We adopt an automate-by-default approach.

We regularly re-balance teams as individuals are interchangeable due to consistent standards across all teams.

We embed client personnel for training, mentoring & development opportunities; achieving numerous promotions.

Continuous improvement (technical through Maven, Jenkins & Ansible and process through JIRA & Confluence) increasing velocity; reducing cost per interface.

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