Planning multi-year, complex technology and business change programmes/projects including resource and financial management, and dependency management

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Our team successfully planned/implemented a three year business change programme at HMRC:
-Established ways of working, within existing governance/decision-making framework, for new business group; creating internal resource, financial and dependency management processes; automating many through JIRA workflows.
-Created a new Systems Integration team of 100+; achieving a 50% saving compared to 3rd-party supplier.
-Established Cloud-based IaaS/PaaS/SaaS solutions; facilitating re-use across multiple Brexit critical programmes; reducing cost by 50% and increasing predictability through reduced risk.
-Created SaaS solution for batch file movement; reducing cost/interface by 90%; including inter-Cloud movements, third-party access and interactions with OGDs.
Collectively trained/mentored six internal staff on Agile Delivery management; all achieving promotion.

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