Knowledge and experience of digital file formats and their identification and characterisation

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Our team utilised our extensive experience of digital file formats at HMRC; designing/implementing an enterprise wide File Transfer Service:
-Mandated meta data file associated with file to be transferred (including file type identification); identifying file type determined by source.
-File types included: CSV/text (EBCDIC/UTF-8)/PDF/XML/EDI/JSON/JPEG/Wav/Binary (encrypted).
-Specifications agreed with internal/external/OGD(legacy/bespoke/COTS) system owners; documenting File type  characteristics.
-File characteristics defined as BNF grammars; establishing standardised format.
-Syntax Analysis micro service (based on Lex/Yacc) developed to validate file against File type BNF.
-Move flies internally via AWS-S3, external integrations to/from S3.
-File movement includes promulgating file type to receiving system; used for back end system checks for file type.
Service developed through Discovery/Alpha/Beta; now supported as Live Service.
Trained/mentored 12 other BAs on file format analysis/file transfer service.

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