Knowledge and experience of agile tools, product and software development ability to select the right tools eg Jira, MS Planner

Sam Hardy | Monday, December 19th, 2016

Problem: HMRC required agile tools/product/software knowledge to select the tools for agile transformation.
Our team:
-Assessed client needs against various backlog management tools (JIRA, Rally, Trello, Excel); selecting/implementing JIRA.
-Assessed client needs/constraints against Collaboration tooling (Slack, Google Docs, SharePoint); selecting Slack and SharePoint.
-Created bespoke Deployment Management tool utilising Neo4J (Graph-database) facilitating multi-team/multi-programme deployments on single-platform.
-Designed/created JIRA-Workflows to automate SDLC from ‘Idea’ to Live Service’; contributing to 50% efficiency improvement for development and delivery.
-Designed/implemented Excel-based Planning-tool; saving 8 hours/Scrum Team/Sprint.
Outcome: Improved efficiency led to 50% reduction in development effort/delivery and improved delivery from once/fortnight to multiple deployments/day.

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