Simplifying Recruitment

Recruitment is time consuming and expensive and there are no guarantees you will end up with the right person for the role. Our partners at IT Recruitment Marketplace are developing systems that automate a significant proportion of the administration around recruitment, without reducing the people interactions. These systems:

  • Capture candidate details and manage them - no more email folders, folders on your file system and spreadsheets.
  • Allow candidates to be scored objectively and then ordered in accordance with the scoring criteria that you set.
  • Provide all applicants with feedback at each stage of the process.
  • Allow clients/management oversight of the recruitment process.
  • Provide specialists to participate in the recruitment process when you do not have them in-house.

This workshop is for:

  • Business owners/managers who wish to improve the quality of candidates that they see whilst reducing the administrative burden on their organisations.
  • Business owners/managers who wish to reduce the cost of recruitment without adding to their workload.
  • Recruiters that want to provide a better service to their clients & candidates and reducing their administration so that they can further develop their business.
  • Business owners/managers & recruiters who need assistance with providing candidates with specialist skills that they do not possess.

Workshop objectives:

  • Understand the tools available to improve the quality of candidates getting through to final interview whilst reducing the cost & administrative burden.
  • Use the Recruitment Dashboard to manage the recruitment of a role.

By attending this workshop you will be provided with an account and 10 free credits for use on the dashboard. Analysis to date has shown that the use of the basic dashboard will save one day of administration per role. The price for credits is £20 per role; equating to saving one day for £20. The free credits will save ten days administrative work based on the analysis conducted.

Our Recruitment workshop is designed to show you the services we are building to transform your recruitment; saving you time, money and delivering better quality candidates. It contains a mix of knowledge transfer and hands-on use of our services that will simplify your IT recruitment processes.

Workshop contents:

  • Dashboard overview.
  • Creating an account.
  • Adding a role.
  • Basic dashboard services:
    • Advertising a role.
    • Capturing candidate details.
    • Basic phases:
      • CV review/scoring.
      • Scoring remote (telephone/Skype) interviews.
      • Scoring face to face interviews.
      • Manual override.
    • Phase weighting.
    • Client/management oversight.
    • Client/management & candidate notifications.
  • Role-specific expert assistance.
  • Additional dashboard services:
    • Adding phases:
      • Automatically screening candidates.
      • Untimed Questions and Answers.
      • Timed Questions and Answers.
      • Online Interviews.
      • Interview Management.
      • Recording remote (telephone/Skype) interviews.
    • Anonymising candidates.