Have Linux, Docker, Cloud platforms

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

HEE wished to move TIS to the Cloud.

Our team leveraged extensive Docker/Docker-Compose experience on Linux/AWS/Azure:

-Collaborated on data migration: MySQL to AWS Aurora using AWS.

-Proposed migration of data from MySQL to MongoDB; demonstrating POC using AWS Aurora, DMS, Kinesis Data Streams and Lambdas.

-Prototyped End-to-End application workflow using Docker, facilitating visualisation of business applications design for use with low-technical-service-management-team.

-Dockerised all the applications within HEE.

-Dockerised Jenkins pipeline build steps wrt Maven/Gradle projects with different Java version. 

This resulted in a successful migration path to AWS; services are Cloud-agnostic and ready for migration from Azure to AWS.


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