Have Java 8-11, Maven, Gradle, Spring/Spring Boot

Sam Hardy | Friday, November 22nd, 2019

HEE/NHS had poor data synchronisation between TIS/ESR.

Our team leveraged 10+ years systems Spring/Spring-Boot experience:

-Used Factory-Pattern to promote high-cohesion/loose-coupling within multiple services.

-Used Abstract-Factory-Pattern Java-Microservice for multiple services.

-Used Prototype-Pattern; reducing coupling within middleware-layer for TIS/ESR systems.

-Used Adapter/Wrapper-Pattern-based Java-Microservice Audit Service data.

-Used Facade-Pattern Java-Microservice within File Reader Service.

-Used Strategy-Pattern to send POR/POS/ASG file records to respective queues.

-Designed/implemented Guaranteed-Delivery-Enteprise-Integration-Pattern creating Java-Microservice; guaranteeing message-delivery to Rabbit-MQ; implementing associated retry/dead-letter policies defined by business team.

All project structures defined,CI/CD implemented, using Gradle; maximising reuse/consistency, reducing development time/cost; increasing quality.


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