Have experience of working to the GDS service design manual

Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Our consultants engaged at HMRC to:
•Establish a new Development-Centre that adhered to the principles of the Technology-Code-of-Practice.

•Set-up a Fujitsu-Private-Cloud-based, open-source(WSO2)/open-standards(Java), Continuous-Integration/Delivery-system that embedded/enforced the Digital-Service-Standards.

•Utilised a defense-in-depth security-policy, ensuring data remained private but was available for multi-system reuse; reducing Total-Cost-of-Ownership and meeting the security requirements of HMRC & OGD’s (including DEFRA, DIT & Border Force) security/access requirements.

•Implemented SOA-type Middleware/MicroServices-system integrating legacy/COTS-systems; providing accessible/user-needs based Digital-Services.

In addition, our consultants:
•Migrated from Fujitsu-Private-Cloud to AWS allowing HMRC to reduce product-licensing-costs; saving additional money.

HMRC have a Government-Digital-Standards/Technology-Code-of-Practice/GDPR-compliant Development-Centre that produces compliant Digital-Services by default.

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