Have experience in Messaging systems (Kafka, RabbitMQ)

Sam Hardy | Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

HEE/NHS had poor data synchronisation between TIS/ESR.

Our team leveraged advanced Messaging-Systems experience:

-Designed/implemented real-time message tracking system across multiple enterprise applications produced by internal/external-teams.

-Leveraged Wire-Tap Enterprise-Integration-Pattern; streaming message data via RabbitMQ; facilitating scalable system-monitoring system.

-Designed/implemented RabbitMQ Publisher/Consumer services providing a resilient, event-driven, guaranteed delivery pattern between systems.

-Designed/developed distributed transactions pattern to maintain atomicity of services.

-Designed/implemented unhappy path and system failures incorporating: retries, upstream error-Messaging and dead-letter channels.

-Built custom Spring starter project for RabbitMq/MongoDB; consolidating common functionality (handling transactions, rabbitMQ Message-Properties) in one place.

This resulted in reduced code duplication and related issues; improving efficiency.


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