Have experience in delivering a management information dashboard service to be used by multiple organisations or business units

Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Our consultants engaged at Ford to:
•Design/Develop a Data-Warehouse for all country teams across EMEA & APAC.

•Ensure the integrity of the data from the mainframe/database systems.

•Extract/Transform/Load data using DataStage into a TeraData database.

•Display the management information on a dashboard using WebFocus.

In addition, our consultants:
•Controlled the update of data via Autosys.

•Ensured the dashboard service was available on mobile/tablet.

•Added a user-defined run-time configuration facility.

•Added drill-down capability for accessing reports.

•Provided heat maps for displaying RAG-status.

All of Ford’s Country teams across EMEA & APAC have a configurable/extendable/extensible management dashboard with real-time/high-integrity data; facilitating collaboration/data-sharing.

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