Have experience advising on design of modern system architectures

Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

HMRC required European-Union data in legacy-systems.

Our consultants designed, developed, deployed & supported a Cloud-agnostic, Open-Source, MicroServices-architecture solution delivering Distributed Business Processes.

We embraced-Containerisation through Docker & Kubernetes; giving vertical-scalability, self-healing, resilience & high-availability. We utilised Vault for Secrets-Management, created an automated-Continuous-Integration/Deployment-system using Jenkins, Maven, Artifactory, GitLab, SonarQube, SOAPUI & JMeter.

We created a Guaranteed-Delivery File-Transfer-Service using facades for jobs in JobScheduler. We leveraged an API Facade to separate throttling, security & connectivity from the client.

We abstracted-Interfaces for core-functionality for data-sources/protocols giving easier development, maintenance, migration & reuse.

We used the Wire-Tap Enterprise-Integration-Pattern to collect Trace-Events asynchronously; minimising performance-hit. We used Kafka to reduce infrastructure-costs by acting as a buffer for ELK.

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