Expertise in the evaluation of a team or individuals’ agile maturity and evidence of tailoring of approach

Sam Hardy | Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Problem: HMRC Systems Integration team required agile maturity:
Our team:
-Assessed team as having limited agile capability.
-Analysed the team’s future requirements assessing mix of: Scrum/Kanban/Lean/SAFe required.
-Worked with team to develop Product-Management capability; creating agile-process around JIRA-workflows.
-Revised SDLC establishing Backlog templating saving 8-hours/Scrum Team/Sprint.
-Introduced multi-stage SDLC through Kanban; optimising architecture, pre-analysis, analysis, TDD, development, integration, deployment; eliminating dependency-blockages.
-3 people coached as Scrum Masters then mentored to achieve 2 Product/Delivery Managers and 1 Agile Coach; managing 12 Development Scrum Teams.
-Introduced Agile-Guilds.
Outcome: Introducing Kaizen-culture to 200+ team; leveraging internal self-improvement across 15 agile teams doubled efficiency.

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