Experience with Git

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

HEE/NHS had poor data synchronisation between TIS/ESR.

Our team leveraged advanced competence of GIT:

-Demonstrated JGIT-Flow with Maven creating build-process, facilitating improved iterative/frequent-delivery of working-software.

-Instrumental in design/implementation of IaaS GIT-Configuration-Repository; ensuring rapid provisioning/repeatable environment-configuration.

-Used GIT-Branch-strategy to handle business-features/defects/hotfixes; enabling segregated-environments.

-Collaborated on source-code-on-commit implementation; facilitating early code-quality detection.

-Followed GIT-code-review-process, significantly improving code-quality process in distributed development.

-Encouraged less-technical client-permanent-staff to fail-in-safe (branched) environment;conducting code reviews/mentoring.

This resulted in:

-Improved code quality, reduction in cost of fixes.

-Improved knowledge/skills for civil servants.


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