Experience using Angular 9

Sam Hardy | Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Situation: HEE required a modern UI for Doctor Revalidations.


Task: Migrate an Angular-JS UI to Angular 9.



-Collaborated with Business/BA/Back-end Developer/DevOps to design/implement a migration strategy.

-Designed/implemented reusable components for multiple pages (Recommendations, Concerns & Connections Summary) leveraging solid programming principles.

-Implemented Redux pattern facilitated by NGXS state management.

-Implemented dynamic url strategy persisting search, pagination, sorting & filtering.

-Implemented Admin features (List & Allocation).

-Collaborated with second Front-end Developer with design/implementation of Details pages.



-All deliverables demonstrated on-time in ‘Show-and-Tells’; completing double GitHub Pull Requests of other developer.

-Reusable components reducing development/maintenance costs.


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