Experience of successfully designing and delivering services aligned to GDS service standards or equivalent

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Problem: HMRC required a GDS-Service-Standard Eu-systems Data-Extraction Service for consumption by legacy-systems:
Our team:
-Collaboratively agreed definition-of-problem with business through workshop.
-Established user-journeys/personas/accessibility-requirements through workshops/interviews with diverse stakeholders.
-Agreed constraints for policy/technology/processes were collated/documented whilst applying lean-techniques in process-mapping workshops; identifying opportunities to remove waste.
-Iteratively designed/developed prototypes for Extract (from Eu-system), Transform (to canonical-data-model) and Load (to back-end systems); based on risk-based prioritised-backlog and continuous user-feedback.
-Collaborated with internal/external-teams; ensuring user-defined POCs were part of joined-up user-experience.
-Leveraged common-platforms; sharing containerisation, automated-testing framework, data security-at-rest, data security-in-transit POC results/code with wider team.
Outcome: GDS-standard system delivered ahead-of-schedule.

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