Experience of having delivered data management frameworks, including practical strategies and policies, for the management of data – its use and quality

Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Ford required a new data-management-framework to allow a store-once/use-multiple-times-policy for technical information across all of Ford’s vehicle-models.

Our consultant managed the development/support of an XML-based system:
•New data-types (Tags) managed through Global-Governance-process.

•Tag/Attribute/Element structure allows feature-rich for consuming-systems.

•Content separate to presentation to flexibly-feed disparate-systems.

•Elements/Attributes allow regionalised-versions.

•Consistent data-entry enforced through defined fields/XML-schemas.

•Data-model created to maximise reuse.

Ford’s Odyssey-system is now global write-once/publish-multiple-times in different formats/languages. It handles versioning, translation & publishing to multiple systems/formats. The system significantly reduced data-entry/translation-costs & improved consistency.

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