Experience of an Agile/Scrum environment and able to apply the Agile philosophy to your day-to-day work

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Situation: HEE Revalidation project required an efficient team to iteratively deliver business value based on User needs.


Task: Deliver prioritised features leveraging Agile Scrum approach.



-Actively contributed to: Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Show & Tells, Retrospectives and Daily Stand-ups.

-Collaboratively worked on Agile backlog, delivering incremental features based on agreed prioritisation to Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done.

-Communicated progress, ideas, concerns, blockers/improvements clearly within the cross functional HEE Revalidation team.

-Engaged with users in review sessions by showcasing feature progress to ascertain requirements/improvements.



-Delivered key Revalidation features; receiving positive feedback from users/stakeholders.


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