Experience of agile coaching within the context of more traditional project and programme management

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Problem: HMRC required a mixed (Traditional/Agile) design, development and delivery approach to integrate internal legacy-teams, third-party suppliers and EU-teams.
Our team:
-Analysed the existing project/programme management approaches; establishing: EU (Waterfall), Legacy (Waterfall/Kanban), third-party supplier (Scrum), Systems Integration Team (Scrum/Kanban).
-Designed/implemented a wholistic programme/project management overlay; incorporating disparate delivery mechanisms through concentration on touch-points:
-Requirements; functional and non-functional handled through Product Board.
-Timelines; end-to-end Kanban, combined RAID logs, Scrum-of-Scrums integrating delivery roadmap.
-Quality; combined individual team’s quality controls through automated test framework for end-to-end system-testing.
-Terminology; adopted a cross-team terminology board; encompassing different delivery terms.
Outcome: Service delivered ahead of schedule.

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